JVC LTH Blu-ray Media

JVC LTH Blu-ray Media
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JVC LTH Blu-ray Media


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NOTICE: LTH BD-R Media has limited compatibility with current recorders and readers/players in the market.  Please consult the chart to ensure that all devices that will be used with this media, whether in production or playback, is compatible with the discs. 

Manufactured in Japan, LTH BD-R Media from JVC is designed for high-speed single-layer Blu-ray disc recording and playback in qualified drives.  Low-to-high (LTH) BD-R discs are made using an efficient process that allows consumers to access the technology at a competitive cost.  JVC manufactures all of its media according to rigorous quality standards, to insure that you are getting a consistently designed disc each time.

Device Compatibility Chart

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Product Specifications
SKU Numbers JBDR-25WPP-25SB6L
Media Type Blu-ray
Spindle Size 50
Carton Size 300 pcs. (6 spindles)
Capacity 25GB
Record Speed 4

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