JVC Printable CD-R Media


Certified 52X CD-R printable media from¬†JVC is the solution when facing media issues. Eliminate sticky media, get great recording and playback performance and have a consistent printing surface ‚Äď that‚Äôs why¬†JVC is asked for by name. Available in white and silver printing surfaces for inkjet, thermal, and thermal re-transfer printers in 38mm (non-hub-printable) and 24mm (hub-printable) print surface areas.


Microboards Technology offers the highest quality CD Recordable media from JVC, the leader in CD-R manufacturing. In today's high volume CD Recordable environments, users need the assurance that their choice of media will provide high performance, compatibility, and long term data integrity.  JVC's long history of development and manufacturing, combined with their zero tolerance for sub standard product, makes their media the best choice for your requirements.

700MB capacity and 52X certified record speeds with silver or white print surfaces for inkjet (Microboards or Rimage 2000i), thermal (Rimage PrismPlus!) or thermal re-transfer printers (Rimage Everest and Teac P-55).

JVC¬†CD-R media is now FDA certified‚ÄĒcontact Microboards for more information!

JVC Printable CD-R Media
Capacity 80 minutes, 700 MB
Write Speed 52X
Writes All forms of audio and data
Certification ISO 14001 certified manufacturing
Durability 100 year data integrity guarantee
Distortion Zero wave distortion
Jitter Lowest jitter levels
Error Rate Lowest Bler, E12, and E22 error rates in industry
Surfaces White Hub- and Non-Hub-Printable
Silver Hub- and Non-Hub-Printable
White Thermal Everest (Hub-Printable)
Silver Thermal Everest (Hub-Printable)
Printer Compatibility Compatible with any inkjet disc printer
Thermal: Rimage Everest and Teac P-55 printers