Bravo 4100


Bravo 4100-Series are easily the fastest desktop disc printers, duplicators and publishers in the world today. At just six seconds to print each disc with 100% coverage in near-perfect quality, you'll be stunned at how fast your jobs will now get completed.  In fact, Bravo 4100-Series is up to 20 times faster than competitors for similar print quality, making them the fastest desktop disc printers and publishers in the world. Disc picking and transport robotics have both been optimized for speed, too. A rock-solid and reliable new belt drive system is utilized to deliver 300% faster robotics than previous models. The belt drive system also gives you smoother and quieter operation.

Part Numbers: 
63510 - 4100 Auto Printer
63511 - 4101 CD/DVD Publisher
63512 - 4102 CD/DVD Publisher
63513 - 4101 Blu Ray Publisher
63514 - 4102 Blu Ray Publisher


Bravo 4100-Series is Primera's first disc printer to offer separate ink cartridges for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK). This lets you replace only the color(s) that need replenishing; saving you money on every disc you print. This is especially true if you use more of one color on your discs than another. The built-in, high-resolution inkjet printing is powered by Lexmark®, a world leader in printing technology. With up to 4800 dpi quality, it has the highest printing resolution available from any manufacturer of disc printers and publishers.

In applications such as medical imaging and audio/video-on-demand it is imperative that discs are dispensed out the front of the unit. On Bravo 4100-Series, it's an automatic, built-in feature. On some competitive units you have to manually open a door or a drawer every time – a huge inconvenience if you're doing it all day long. The built-in blue LED lighting not only helps you see what's going on inside, but pulses when supplies are getting low and blinks on/off if an error condition is reported. You'll always know the status of your jobs whether you're sitting next to the unit or standing on the other side of the room.

Using the Bravo 4100-Series is as easy as printing to any office printer. Primera's PTPublisher™ Software has won critical acclaim for its simple, wizard-style interface. Training new operators takes just minutes instead of hours. Simply choose the type of job you want to perform (data, video, audio, etc.), match with a print file, and press "GO." It's that easy! Built-in disc design software called SureThing™ Primera Edition (Windows) or DiscCover™ (Mac) lets you place photos, backgrounds, text and graphics anywhere on the disc, including as far into the middle of the disc as you wish – a major limitation with other brands of disc publishers.


  4100 Auto Printer 4101 Publisher 4102 Publisher
Part No 63510 63511 63512
Recorders 0 1 2
Disc Input 100
Burn Speed - 24x DVD - 48x CD - Optional 12x Blu Ray
Ink Cartridges 4 Separate CMYK
Print Resolution Up to 4800 DPI
Compatible Operating System Windows XP, Vista & 7
OS X 10.6 or higher
Connectivity USB 2.0
Weight 26 lbs - 11.8kg
Dimensions 17.8" x 11" x 17.5" - 452mm x 279mm x 445mm
L x W x H
Power Requirements Universal Auto Switching 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5.0A


Standard Warranty
All Microboards products feature a one year parts and labor warranty for service performed at depot . Learn More >